Mid Century Sideboards & C. O. Ds.

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Danish teak sideboard. c.1960

McIntosh teak sideboard. 1960`s

GPlan teak sideboard by Victor Wilkins. c.1965.

Vesper sideboard manufactured by Gimson Slater.

GPlan Fresco sideboard. 2130mm long.

1960`s aphromosia Greaves & Thomas chest of drawers.

McIntosh teak Dunvegan sideboard. C1965. 1530mm long.


GPlan smaller size Fresco teak sideboard. c1970.

Younger aphromosia sideboard of exceptional quality. UK. 1965.

GPlan teak highboard. c1965

English teak 7 foot sideboard. c1970

Greaves and Thomas mid century sideboard.

13066 - "Austinsuite" Mid Century sideboard

Australian Hans Borg teak sideboard.

Mid Century teak sideboard by "Beautility" UK.

92 - 1960s teak sideboard.